Sunday Share: Where Do I Begin?!

I clicked around looking for a blog to share for this Sunday.  Yes, I am happy to say I am bringing Sunday Share back!  I stopped by this blog and my first thought was that I loved the poem on…the cover page?  It was the best argument about the pros and cons on the digital age I’ve seen so far!  (At least that is what I got from it.)  Then, I got a little confused.  The site, like the poem, is a little confusing.  I began to click on things and I went down the rabbit hole.  (That is the second time I used an Alice In Wonderland reference about this blog.)  One click brought me to a series of collages?  Found pieces?  Ticket stubs and letters to grade school teachers and a student ID from Virginia Tech, discarded scratch tickets and ripped smiley face stickers.  I continued clicking.  This blog makes me work for it.  I found in the side bar a category for “Letters I Wish I could Send” and at that point the abstract blog got personal, down to earth, and sweet.

I love this blog.  It will demand you spend a little time, look a little deeper.  Be prepared to feel like you’ve dug up surprises out of the earth!

Abstract Relations vi


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  1. m says:

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog/site/catalog of things I’ve found… and for sharing it with your followers!! Your site is definitely worth the time as well! ❤

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    1. You are more than welcome and thank you!


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