April A-Z Four Hundred!!

Yes, my April A-Z is completely out of order.  I’m out of order!  I had to jump to “F” today because…drum roll please…this is my four hundredth post.  I find that amazing.  I think of the work I still have to do I think that this four hundred is a drop in the bucket and I look forward to every future post, every transcribed page, every closely examined photograph, every reflection of how her amazing perspective fits into my life.

So, in celebration, some of my most favorite posts, here they are.  Please check them out.

The Big Day

Responsibility and What Comes With It

Watershops is Just a Picture!

Just The Right Amount of Sweet

Images: August, 1939

Babu Roars!

April 1939: Hitler and UFOs!

The Reluctant Gatekeeper

Sharing with Babu: That’s the Kind of Friends We Were

A Bit of Heartache – and a New Chance?

“Lest You Forget”


The Donkey Serenade

December Lovin’ or Nah

Hindenburg on My Mind

November 1936: The Political Hubbub

Fall Excerpts: Lovely Things

She’s Out Taking Pictures

Maps to Where She’s Been


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  1. 400…a phenomenal feat! Congratulations!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha! Thank you! I was shocked to notice that myself.


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