I’ve Been Holding Out on You. (The World’s Fair, 1939)

Yes, October, 1939.  I have been holding out on you.  Kinda, but not really.  Yea, not really.  I began as super excited.  I had seen, not really peeked, a picture here, a word there…

Babu went to the World’s Fair!

So exciting.  I wanted to read all about it.  What did she think of the new technology of entering a room with air conditioning?  Did she try amazing food or watch a dance from a culture she had never seen dance before?

Welp.  As I should have expected, there was very little detail.  She told more about the train ride there than she did about the actual fair.

Sunday, October 15th, 1939
We girls had so much fun on the train to NY. Everyone heard us. Ernie, Willy, and I stayed together at the fair all the time. There was so much to see, but we stayed in one section most of the time. Took a little bus to the amusement area. Ate our supper at the fair and got back just in time for the 9:40 train. It was so slow that we didn’t make it back to Spfld. till 10 of 2 – and Jakey was there waiting.

Which section did you stay in?  What did you see?  No details at all?  Come on!  At least we have these:

oct 15 2

Disclaimer, I debated including this video.  As a historical artifact it is as full of information as it is telling.  I apologize for the segregated and body shaming world not so subtly shown in this video.


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  1. It seems odd to think that the World’s Fair was going on as planned when war had just started in Europe but of course at that stage it probably seemed very far away to many Americans although possibly not to Polish Americans.

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    1. Yes, I agree! It gets so wild reading history from this lens. I actually spent some time going back through some posts before responding to you because I was looking for a post where I wrote about all of this, like Babu writing “Poor Poland” in a diary entry. I even taught my History students a great lesson from Babu’s own passages about the build up of the war before the US got involved. Guess what? I haven’t even written about it yet. A post about this will have to be forth coming SOON. Please keep checking back in so you can read about it and thank you for all your interest and time!

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      1. Thanks, now I am all caught up I will check in regularly.

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