January, 1939

The beginning to the New Year comes whether you are ready or not.  This New Year’s day drops in on Babu alone.

Got a book and an apple and a bed so I’m hopping to it –

Her New Year’s night and day could have been worse.  It was for Frank, who begins the new year in the hospital with some sort of stomach bleeding.

Frank Adamczyk is in the hospital. Stomach bleeding or something. Wait till we tell Nat. Poor boy was ill and white as a sheet last night but went out with the girls.

Evidently, Frank wasn’t going to let feeling significantly ill stop him from going out on the most important night of the whole year.

There was a tender moment that made my heart hurt for poor Frank.  Johnny shaved Frank’s face before the girls came to see him in the hospital so that he wouldn’t be embarrassed.  He gets to feeling better and then slides backwards through this month.  I eagerly await news of him in next month, and maybe a better explanation of what is wrong with him.

The usual ups and downs about boys happen as they usually do.

She goes to a dance and writes:

John was there and acted nice but I was cool all along even taking me home I said I was going with Zosh and her folks.

I think she is so cold because she wishes he asked her out for New Years.

She goes on a date with Teddy Drewnick and has a nice time.  She goes ice skating and Hank walked her home.  But three boys aren’t our main concern.  Yes, not even sweet Johnny L. who shaves his sick friend’s face so he’s fresh for the girls.  (But don’t worry, close to the end of the month she writes “we’re still friends” after sitting with him on a trolley ride.)

Our concerns are between Jakey and Depathy.

And to start off, someone needs to take all the phones away from Jakey.  Last month he’s asking the operator for dating advice about Babu, and now this:

Guess I’m really going to the Formal with Jakey. He called me at dancing school tonight and kidded me for quite a while. I still don’t know why he called. But I asked him if he were going and he said sure.

So he called her and just joked around with her while she was at dancing school?!?!  This guy… But maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe Jakey is at his best over the phone and when simply sitting with Babu, he looses some of his charm:

The girls came up but rather late then Jakey came. They stayed till after 9 and left he and I together. He didn’t leave until after 11 but I can’t say either one of us had a marvelous time. I don’t know what it is but we don’t get along too well, and I’ve never gotten into the mood for him yet.

Bummer for him.  If he knew she felt that way he would probably have to put another call in to the operator for advice!

Despite that night, the formal comes and Babu has a wonderful time.

Had a glorious time and even wavered on my feet once. Guess I had a little to drink. And never got so much loving as last night. Only the trouble is now I want more.

Here are the lovely pictures taken the night of the formal:

But the plot thickens.  One day after she goes to a formal dinner affair with Depathy, and Jakey is seated across from her.  She has a good time with Depathy but wished she was going with Jakey and is relieved that he has brought no date for her to also sit across from.

After it all, she ends the month on team Jakey:

Jakey asked me if I’d like to go on a sleigh ride with him. The City Hall is sponsoring it. Of course I’d love to go. Wonder if I’m really falling for him. It’s a grand feeling.

That’s January, anyway.  We’ll see how February goes!

And just because she is so boy crazy doesn’t mean that she neglects her friendships. She still know how to have fun, just girls:

It was so cold tonight but Ernie and I went to the meeting.  We rushed home, donned our skating outfits and skipped over to the pond. Had a good time for the better part of an hour. Laughed so much together it hurt.


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  1. She makes my dating life look like it was a snoozer 😆

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    1. Dude. Ain’t that the truth! 😂


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