November, 1938

I’m still looking for dates!

Give me a date that’s important to you

and I’ll tell you what was happening on that day

somewhere between 1934-1938.

(Post coming soon.  The more that participate the more fun it will be.)


November, 1938 was a snowy month and Babu, ever so innocently, remarks how she was “snow bound” until her father came home from work and “took to the shovel.”

Suddenly there is a character come into her life named Dick Waterman.  He is a friend of Jeb’s and Babu and he hit it off.

Waterman had me scratching his back all evening. What next, I wonder!

“Jakey” shows up at Babu’s house every night for a week looking for a date.  But then, there is a bit of a cover up happening.  Babu thinks she might be going to Vermont and is hesitant even when Jacob offers to drive her there.  She withholds information.

Didn’t tell them Jeb was down.

Now, here is the explanation for that, kind of.  Jeb is dating Ernie and Jeb’s friend Dick Waterman is the boy getting his back scratched by Babu.  Jacob is friends with Billy and Ernie has been on several dates with Billy.  So, does Babu with hold the information that Jeb was down from Vermont because she doesn’t want Jakey to know about Dick Waterman or she does she not want Billy to know about Jeb?  (This is getting confusing.)

Depathy – whose first name is Ernie, if we weren’t confused enough, is also still hanging on.  He asks Babu on a date:

Ernie Depathy was in the library and asked me to go bowling but he’s been laid off again.

Ouch!  Looks like it’s no date for you!

The month continues on with quite a few dates with “Jakey,” however, their dates seem like a textbook about awkward starts to relationships.  On November 7th Babu feels he probably isn’t the one for her and then on the 10th she feels he “hasn’t got his mind on” her and she “feels lost.”

Then there is this bit of awkwardness:

Jakey came up to see me and kissed me quite a few times. Says he hasn’t got me catalogued because he can’t figure me out. I can’t return his kisses because I don’t think he’s sincere. He asked me if I had ever kissed anybody.

Little does he know:

Waterman and I got along fine in the front seat. He isn’t very experienced and I can see by his kisses but nice. Didn’t mind a bit.

Babu suspects Jamie has moved on but Johnny and she attend a dance together.

Speaking of that dance, Babu mentions that night that Jake drove her down street and was “in a mood.”  I wonder if it was, I don’t know, because he was driving her to a dance she was going to with another boy, or maybe because he heard what Ernie Depathy has been saying:

Depathy is voicing his intentions for me not only to me but to others.

Maybe it’s no matter because something Johnny does warrants three question marks:

The boys took us to the Falls for their dance night. What a night! It’s snowing and blowing. John was drum major and not bad at it. While we danced a waltz, the drum corps boys kept saying “Too close. She’s your girl. You can’t hold her that close.” Depathy asked me to go out again. No, again. Johnny washed my face in snow tonight-liked him tonight???

I think three question marks equals a yes!

By the end of the month Babu writes:

No more dates with Jakey it seems. Never even see him.

(Just so you know, it’s only been 12 days since their last date.)

Some other things happening this month were:

She’s learning new steps at dancing school and she really enjoys it, work at the office is slow, and she takes up the hem of a skirt on her own.

But, who cares about that stuff!


At least Ernie kept her dual life in two separate states!  Also, I think I should have color coded this.


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  1. don’t forget my date-March 15th 1935!

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