Excerpts October, 1938

There is a lot going on in these excerpts.  There are three Halloween happenings, the Nee Wah initiation – just the girls –  a cancelled party that turns into a night out with Jakey, and a dinner in the cemetery with Johnny.

There are two boys, wait, three boys.  We cant forget Depathy.  He makes his usual moves at the beginning of this month but the end of it is reserved for Johnny and Jakey.

oct 24

Monday, October 24th, 1938
I should have known.  A jinx has come upon me lately.  This time it’s the party Sat. night.  Ann called and said one of the girls is ill.  Now I have the pleasant task of telling Jakey there is no party.  Dropped in at Bertha’s to see our centerpiece for tomorrow’s party and it’s really a good piece of work.  She put in a lot of time, too.

Tuesday, October 25th, 1938
Jaime gave me a ride this morning so we also got a ride to the Oxford.  There were two fireplaces going and we decorated the place and table.  All the girls came and I think everyone had a good time.  The initiation was good.  Ernie and I got home and I had a note not to go to my room but sleep in Mom’s.  Frank and Adele from Lowell stopped overnight on their way to N.Y.

oct 26

Wednesday, October 26th, 1938
Left Frank and Adele at home alone and we all left for work.  Ate lunch out with Ernie.  Ackie drove us to Pine Point for supper and I called Jakey and we four are going out Saturday anyhow.  Went to dancing school and learned a few more steps.  Like young Billy.  Good tap dancer but unpretentious.  One of the Syner boys knew of the Nee Wah club party but wouldn’t tell how.  Slept on a cot in Ernie and Franny’s room.

Thursday, October 27th, 1938
We rushed so this morning and got to work on time.  I hope Emmy feels better tomorrow.  She’s been morose and uncommunicative these past few days.  Johnny Lech visited me tonight and asked me to go out Monday.  We held hands for a while.  Was feeling kindly towards him tonight.  Left at 11:30.  Said he was going into a doze on the way home and wouldn’t even know when he got home.

oct 28

Saturday, October 29th, 1938
Gosh what fun.  Jakey came up before 7 and we and Billy drove over for Ernie.  Mom and Dad were there.  We left for the “Orange Lantern” on Boston Road.  First ones there.  Grand fun.  Jakey kissed my ear.  Much better dancer now.  Left and went riding; me driving.  Ate at the Double Dip at Pine Point and went to Jones’ house.  Nobody home.  We stayed till 1:30 fooling around.  Jakey and I slept on the floor and couch.  Billy has fallen hard for Ernie.  Hope we go out again soon.

oct 30

Sunday, October 30th, 1938
Went to high mass with a boy from Conn., Eddie Peters, who came with the Polacks. Spoke to Jake at the store for a while.  It’s grand to feel this way about him.  Eddie took the girls and me to Ware.  On the way back we stopped at the “Orange Lantern” and I took the menu we had last night home with me.  Eddie wants to come up to see me but I said nix.  Nat, Zosh, and I spent the evening together at home.

Monday, October 31st, 1938
The kids came up about a quarter to nine and we started out.  First bought crullers then cider, then cups.  Saw a fire in Agawam and crossed fields, streams, hills, etc. to get there.  Left for Westfield and ate our feast at a cemetery.  Back to the city for peanuts and up to see Ernie.  Got her out of bed and fed her in the car.  John acts so good to me.  Good and I don’t deserve it cause I’m so cold.

She took the menu!!!  I wonder if she is so cold to Johnny for the same reason she stole a list of meal choices.


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