September, 1938

Well, September, 1938 is certainly full of excitement.  It also has at least one let down.

The month begins with her still in Vermont on vacation.  She has “glorious days” riding horseback and tandem bicycles.  (Why don’t we see more of tandem bicycles?)  This is probably the only way she can ride a bike with out falling off!  She is kissed by Dexter and by Frank.  She swims and cooks outdoors and even goes to something called a “corn roast.”  There is again the “Dawn Dance” and I just can’t get over the romance of it.

Even after it all, she writes:

It seems good to be home.

Are you wondering if there are pictures for this month.  Yes, there are!  And they are amazing!  Tune back in on Thursday for those!  It’ll be worth it.

Almost as soon as she gets home there is a trip with the Nee Wah club to a place called Brookside.  Shenanigans ensue.  Don’t worry.  I’ll be sharing those passages with you.

Johnny Lech is back and coming on strong.  It is as if he is filling up her days with dates with him in order to keep her out of trouble.  It’s probably a good thing since Jakey has lost interest in her. At least, that is the way she is viewing it.

I wish I knew why Jakey dislikes me.  He hasn’t said anything but when I see him it pains him to say hello, if he does at all.

So it seems Jakey might not be her fresh start but she seems so disinterested in Johnny.  Depathy is also around these days and Babu seems interested in him.  She goes bowling with him and then on another date which is a dance but still ends in bowling, but she supposedly turns him down for another date after that.  I wonder why?

Amid all of this personal and individual excitement and let down, something much larger happens in September, 1938.  A force of nature.

On September 21st, what is called The Great New England Hurricane hits Chicopee.  Babu writes:

Chicopee is in complete darkness tonight.  Candles are the order of the night.  New England had a minor hurricane today and has left behind uproot trees, broken lines, etc.

Minor, Babu?  This hurricane was not minor.


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