The Stages of Getting Over a Crush

  • You write and he doesn’t write back.
  • You say – if he doesn’t write back, you’ll write again.
  • You see him in everything.

oct 4.jpeg

Tuesday, October 5th, 1937
Stella Liana is home from her visit to Poland.  Mom and Dad were up yesterday and brought back some gifts from Godmother.  Expect mail every day and hope there is something from Benny.  Listening to the radio, I find some of the top notchers have names with Benny.  Benny Goodman, Jack Benny, Ben Bernie.

  • Then you say – if he doesn’t write back you wont again-ever.
  • You watch the mail box.
  • A new boy moves in and he marks the way to your house with chalk.

oct 30.jpeg

Saturday, October 30th, 1937
What fun.  Zosh went to the show so I started down street alone.  Johnny Lech and Eddie and we went walking (with peppermints.)  Walked all around the falls and went to a fire near the airport.  The fireman gave us a ride half-way home.  Then to the day at BPA.  They brought me home and marked the way with chalk.  We sat on the porch and talked.

  • You begin not to care so much about the contents of the mail box.

nov 5.jpeg

Friday, November 5th, 1937
Have been busy all day at work.  Lunch with Ernie but Ethel didn’t show up.  Meant to do a lot tonight but Mr. And Mrs. Polack and children and a friend dropped in tonight.  Gave away some of my old story books.  Gosh I wish I’d hear from Benny although I don’t mind very much when I find no letter.

  • Then, that letter comes.  Was it everything you wanted?
nov 5.jpeg
What ever the letter contained, it was closure.

Saturday, November 6th, 1937
Kappy gave me almost two hours of dictation today.  Then they all went to the Colgate-Holy Cross football game.  Aunt Nelly and Mary and Uncle came down and Aunty and Mary stayed over.  Mary and I took a bath and ate and I put her to bed and answered two letters.  Had a letter from Benny and now I know there can never be anything between us.

  • You fight the act of falling in love anew.

nov 7.jpeg

Sunday, November 7th, 1937
All of us went to church to 9 o’clock mass.  Then we baked.  I went down to the football game and we met the boys.  Came home and we had supper.  They came up after and took us to a show.  We just started and got a flat.  Saw “Prisoner of Zuda” and “One Mile to Heaven.”  Think I have to quit seeing Johnny or one of us might get sentimental.

  • Then that new boy hangs his hardware on you and you refuse to believe it means what it means.

nov 7.jpeg

Monday, November 8th, 1937
Ernie also had a letter from Benny.  He’s getting out of school before the 18th, cutting a few days.  Mr. H gave me quite a bit of dictation today.  Cooking class and a lovely luncheon.  Frank didn’t have the car because they cemented the driveway.  So they walked us home.  Johnny “hung his hardware” on me.  Meaning I’m wearing his pin.  Doesn’t mean a thing though.  Frank Olaksak is out of his position.  Met him today while delivering a package to the Hotel Kimbal.

  • Then, you listen to water lap against the shore with the new boy.


Wednesday, November 10th, 1937
Something has to happen soon between or among us kids.  After cooking they brought me home, but I wanted a cold drink of water so we went looking for a spring over fences, swamps, and hills.  Then we watched the moon descend behind the mountain and listened to the water lapping against the shore.

So, is she really over Benny?  Is she falling in love with Johnny L.?  Only time will tell.

I have found a few boxes of old pictures and look who I found!


john L

These are both Johnny Lech!  I have gone through all the photographs but I’m hoping to find one of Benny.


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  1. I’m curious…why’d her handwriting change on the 8th? Also, just an aside. I love the “This Day In History” tid-bits at the bottom of the pages, like Junius Brutus Booth. Had to look that one up 🙂

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    1. I didn’t even notice that. How could I not notice that? Knowing her, she wanted to try out a new style. On the theme of how unobservant I am, I haven’t been reading the facts on the bottom, too much to do. Thank you, though I’ll have to look that one, and some of the other pages, up!


      1. No. It proves how focused you are. Great job!

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  2. I admire her handwritting. It never looked that of a teenager.

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  3. Mary P says:

    Had to look that one up 🙂 I didn’t even notice that.

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