Writing Wednesday #3: Love/Hate

I love

Nonfiction books about writing – especially those written by Stephen King

Fiction books whose protagonist is a writer – especially those written by Stephen King

Self Help books for writers; i.e., books of prompts, inspirations, How to Get Published for Dummies, (I actually own that one,) and, especially, The Writer’s Market

Quotes about writing that writers have written – (say that 10 xs fast)

Movies and TV shows about authors or where the protagonist is a writer

Blog posts about the process and/or love of writing


I hate

All the above items

and writing about writing.


There is nothing worse then “writers write what they know” being taken as literally as that.  It’s done.  It’s trite.  It’s cliche.  Oh, the main character of your novel is a writer? Greeeeaaattttt…that’s! never been done before!

And bloggers, like myself!, who write about writing, let me tell you, me, one thing.  You’re stalling.  You’re writing about it because you’re in love with it but you can’t actually get a date.  If you love writing so much; stop. telling. me. about. it.  Show me!  Write something!  Oh, you got nothing?  Oh that’s what I thought.

I feel this way.  I really do.  And I’m damn sure I’m not the only one.

Fine, but it’s self exploration.  I also feel that way.  Do surgeons need to read about other surgeons and watch movies about them?  I bet they do, actually.  Do teachers love to watch movies about other teachers?  I did!  Do rappers love to write about their process and listen to other rap musicians rap about theirs?  I don’t know much about the genre, but I think they do!  Do construction workers like to read blogs about construction workers?  About construction?  About how other people feel about standing on hot pavement holding a pounding jack hammer all day?  If I did, I would.

I’m simply addicted.  I watched a movie on Netflix once where the daughter was a published author-at 21!!!-and the son wrote some amazing short story and Stephen King called him on the phone.  It was actually King’s voice in the movie, too.  I was angry and severally depressed for two days after watching that lack luster movie.  But I was glued to it.  I couldn’t turn it off.  I wanted to throw the remote at the TV but just couldn’t do it.  And don’t ask because I have no idea what the movie was called.

But it has to stop somewhere.  Where?  With my posting this and putting it down and picking up something else.  A creative project.  Start writing and stop writing about it.

But, yea, ok, you know where it will not stop?

Z The Beginning of Everything.

It is an amazon exclusive show about Zelda, and of course also about F. Scott, Fitzgerald.  I knew very little about either of them before watching the show.  All I knew was that I love Gatsby.  I always have.  That’s it.  This show, true to real life or not, has been a cautionary tale for me.  It goes like this:


Husband and I sitting on the couch:

Me:  I don’t think I like watching this because now I know F. Scott is a big tool.

Husband:  Why?  What did he do?

Me:  He flips out at people who haven’t read his book.  And he is all twisted about the one critic that said something bad about him…

Husband: Head slowly turning from the TV to look over at me.  He is saying nothing.

Me:  And he just steals all his ideas from his wife!

Husband:  Head has turned a full 90 degrees.  Just staring at me.

Me:  And he hasn’t written his second novel.  Where’s that?  When is that going to happen?


Me:  (Looks at him looking at me.)  Shut up.


Oh lord, I am addicted to this show.  I really really really hope there are more seasons to come.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Lira says:

    What a lovely photo! I’m a bit busy right now to read the full post, but I’ll be back to do so later. I just couldn’t help myself when I noticed the picture. So gorgeous.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kate Amedeo says:

    You’ve done what you hate/love – written about writing. As I say, if you’ve written at least a single sentence a day the day is not wasted 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Carl Termini says:

    I can answer your question about rappers – they really do! MTV had a fascinating roundtable with new and established rappers discussing each other’s work, and the work of others. On the show the participants displayed an appreciation and analysis for word-play and social awareness that some might not anticipate. And yes, oh yes “Z” on Amazon is amazing! I immediately ran to my library the next day after watching and took out The Complete Works of Zelda Fitzgerald; it was very enlightening to see passages that F. Scott would steal, and those passages be much more raw and complex than what F. Scott had published.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I knew that to some degree about rappers. It’s a complex, socially conscious, and sometimes very meta genre 😁. I’d love to see that round table! Yea I started watching z and mistakenly bought the f Scott complete works but now after finishing season one I so badly want to read her works!


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