If You Look Closely Enough

…you will find some simple things she writes pure magic.


Thursday, September 2nd, 1937
Tonight I went to confession.  It was good to be there in the friendly dark.  I lit a candle for myself too.  Stopped in at Zosh’s and met some people from Detroit and Buffalo.  Drobe walked a part of the way with us but we said farewell soon.  Poor he.  I know how he feels, if he likes me.  What a world.

The dark is friendly, but not the affairs of love.


Thursday, September 16th, 1937
Yesterday, Freddy called Ern up and wanted her to go out with him.  She’s a lucky girl.  The minute she gets back in town her phone starts ringing.  Tonight I sat down for a while at the piano and played.  Patsy came in and sat down on the bench with me and just watched and listened.  For a little girl this was unusual.

I feel that Pasty must be a girl that lives in the same building.  I can see the scene she describes with a vague feeling that I saw something just like it in a Norman Rockwell Painting.


Tuesday, September 21st, 1937
No this isn’t a red letter day; I only ran out of blue ink.  Rather, it isn’t such a good day.  The sniffles I had yesterday have graduated into the Freshman Class.  The girl sent me home at four o’clock today to get well.  We didn’t have much work.  Kept talking and looking out of the window at times.

I know it’s so simple, but I love it.  If you never had a dull day, with the last sentence she has made you understand that experience, with ease.


Monday, September 27th, 1937
Got quite a few letters from Mr. Chive today.  Ernie’s been hearing from Jeb almost every other day now.  Answered Benny’s letter.  I hope he answers back, but you can never tell.  I said some pretty good things.  The leaves are just beginning  to turn and the world is so alive and radiant.

Good for her.  I could never help but always view autumn as a brilliant beginning to an end.


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