The Case of the Wooden Shoes

I will warn you before you read any further.  This case may never be solved.  It may live on in your memory, niggling away, as your soul searches for answers for years to come.  Those answers may never come.

In August, 1937, Babu writes:


Monday, August 9th, 1937
Did my first day’s work.  Seven hours.  Mr. Ridell sent me to the Community Chest, along with another girl, to do some temporary work.  I rearrange filing mater all day.  Listened to “King Lear” over the radio.  Found some little dutch shoes in the mailbox from Detroit.  Drobe must have brought them from Andy.  Gosh!  I miss Benny!

You may have picked up on several subtle clues as you read this evidence.  Yes, this young woman came home to find little Dutch shoes in her mailbox, but there is more to be gleaned.

These Dutch shoes are from Detroit.  Is that where Andy is?  Why would he send her wooden shoes…from Detroit?  Maybe this is simply a red herring.  Also, did it slip by you?  The moment Drobe is mentioned, he is dropped for Benny.  Why does the thought of Drobe bring up the though of Benny?  Or is the thought of Benny simply always lurking?  And why does Babu suddenly change the spelling of her neighbor’s name?

Unfortunately, there is one more clue, but it still gives us next to nothing to go on.


Thursday, August 12th, 1937
The Mystery of the Wooden Shoes!  Drobe said he didn’t bring them and I can’t figure out how they got on the mailbox.  Got a call from Ridell and went on an interview.  Took fast dictation and typed.  Said he’d let me know.  Got home and got a call and I’m hired.  Start Monday for 15 dollars at Hitchcock and Company.  Jaime was up twice so I’d go to the dogs.  I went to Zosh’s.  He followed.  On the way Frankie Adamczyk and Johnny Lech gave me a ride.  Got rid of Jaime and Drobe came.  Zosh and he stayed until 11:30.

Hmmmm, evidently “Drobe” has nothing to do with the appearance of the shoes, yet he suspiciously appears in relation to them again.  Maybe it is a red herring for the red herring.  Why is there this hectic switching and shaking off of boys?  And why did Jaime follow Babu around?  I think that’s a bigger question then simply our wooden shoe investigation can uncover.


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