Sunday Share: 500 Cats and Crumpled Paper Cranes

One of the first blogs I followed when I started this journey was Crumpled Paper Cranes.  I was pleased when I finally took the time to scroll through my “Reader” feed and a post from this blog popped up.  With everything going on I have had barely enough time to post, let alone read other blogs!  I know nothing about this blogger but sometimes just stop by and read something bursting, absolutely bursting, with unabashed creativity.  there is a project on this blog called “500 Cats.”  This is how the project is explained:

The goal? Snap pictures of 500 cats, accompanied with a poem.

From the outside, it sounds, stupid?  Maybe not that harsh, just, unimportant.  Ouch!  Is that even more harsh?  But then I read the poems and I just love them.  And I am reminded that this is what a poet, any artist does, they find magic in the mundane.  Check it out!  It is like a view into a secret world.

keep on foraging

rummaging in the exhaust
of tires interrogated,

brought to deflate
when the alibi of “dinner party”
failed to beckon
the nods of swaying jurors.

to find the ring
already retrieved.

clanking down the garbage disposal
while Tim screamed, “Fuck,”
looking for a place to hide,
fork prongs bent between bluish teeth.

Cats No. 69 and 70 of the 500 Cats Project


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