How Am I Doing?

Well!  It’s the end of January and I have been posting every day!  (I’ve also been doing about 25 hours a week at Whole Foods, my day job, taking care of my gram, working on other writing projects, barely…)  I haven’t been getting much exercise, eating much healthy food, or doing much relaxing.  I’m a little stressed out some days – and a lot stressed out other days- making sure there is a post up every day.  Sometimes, the quality of the posts themselves are lacking.  There have been a LOT of typos!


Oh, erm… let’s try that again.


Well!  It’s the end of January and I have been posting every day.  How am I doing?  It’s a lot of work, but the first month has been a success.  I feel really good about the product, despite a few typos, and I feel great about the process!  I’ve read a lot about the theatre, laughed at Babu acting up, read baffling passages, learned more about the Hindenburg and about the WPA, and I’ve traveled through four months of 1936 and ’37 since this month started.  I love reading these.  I love writing about them.  I love keeping these memories and this history alive.  I love the experience I have with Babu.


Both of these alternate universes exist.  That.  Right there.  Is what it means to be a writer.  I have to find a balance.  I need to get fit and treat myself better.  But I like self imposed writing deadlines that I can make feel external.  I like the amount of work I’m producing although I’d like to be working on other projects as well.  What could I give up to be more balanced?  Sleep?  Work?  Posting every day?  Certainly NOT the last one!


No, but really, how am I doing?  Feel free to give me any feedback.  I would really love it.  I want you to know I appreciate every view this blog gets.  If you have stopped by and liked a passage, followed, or made a comment, I have made an effort to pay the kind act back by the act of checking out your blog as well.  If I haven’t – give me a shout out!  I may have not gotten to you yet or I may have over looked you.  Let me know.

Thanks!  Here’s to many more posts, mine and yours!



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  1. barbwit says:

    Thanks for your words, and your great picture. Two lovely ladies, not to mention the owl mugs.
    Article in today’s paper says Stress is good for you (in moderation of course). So keep it up.
    Sorry, I’ve been so lax about reading and liking or commenting, and certainly about blogging – have had lots of ideas but still need to get down to writing. Maybe I should go back to your idea of a blog a day, which I did to start with about a year or so ago.


    1. Don’t do it!!!!! Haha I’m kidding. It’s certainly less of a stress to do it every day for a month rather than a year!! But either way-you can do it. I’ve been terrible at reading lately but I would love to see more from you any time. Thank you so much for your kind words!


  2. Thank you so much for all you’re both doing. Love this blog. Keeping it real. Well done the two of you!

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    1. Thank you thank you thank you!!


    2. barbwit says:

      I just reread your note and realize I accepted praise where none was due. The two you congratulated were Babu and her biographer. Silly me. But it made me check yours out and maybe you’ll look at my blog now – Talking Pictures: A Sound Decision.

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      1. Hello barb wit! I’m confused about what you are referencing but I think you should just take the praise anyway! You deserve it! I am so far behind on reading the blogs I love to check in on. Yours is one of them. It’s been very busy around here but I will brew a cup of coffee and sit down to spend some time with yours today or tomorrow. I know it will be time well spent! 🙂

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      2. Your blog and writing style is great! So praise was where praise is due. Keep writing!

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  3. I love reading about Babu’s life. Keep up the good work!:)

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  4. Billi-Jean says:

    I love reading about Babu! I look forward to your posts. Please keep them coming!

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  5. Great post and amazing cups, thanks

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    1. Haha, thank you! Every one liked the cups! That pic was originally taken to thank my bestie who got those mugs for me for my birthday.


  6. Thanks for the post and keep on keeping on.

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  7. Rhea says:

    I love reading your and Babu’s story. 🙂 But that said… if you need a few days here and there to de-stress, it’s okay… we’ll wait a couple days for the updates! ❤

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    1. Haha thank you!!! It’s a secret but I post ahead so I can take a day or two off! 😉

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  8. Posting ahead, rewriting and sharing memories all while “doing”….how efficient and fun you are. Including photos is a bonus. Thanks for sharing

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    1. Oh well thank you! I’m sure you do you own share of multitasking being efficient and making it all fun, too!


  9. Thank you for the follow. It’s really stressful sometimes, isn’t it? Relax.

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  10. -Eugenia says:

    You deserve a pat on the back for creating a post every day. I love the owl mugs and thank you for the follow.

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    1. Haha! I’m glad you found them. And thanks for the pat.


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