March, 1937

Babu turns 19!!

Mother and Dad gave me a dainty pair of white kid gloves, some material for a dress, and a dozen narcissus for my birthday tomorrow.

But before her birthday, she gets pretty ill.  From the description I wonder if it were worse then she even knew.  It then passes around her house to her mother.

At night I was the worst. I kept tossing and throwing the covers.  Zosh told me she was frightened.

Don’t worry.  By the end of the month everyone is fine!

Babu gets parts in two plays at once!  Oh no! You can tell she isn’t interested in the first play that she gets a part in:

Surprise?  I’ve got a part in the WPA play “Correspondence Courtship.”  That of Bessie the dumb shop girl.  Oh!  If only I could put it over.

(I love when her sarcasm reads clearly!)

Rehearsals are disorganized ghost towns:

Rehearsal again tonight.  There was hardly anyone there.  Frank and Ladue took most of the parts and did them to be funny and we just about bawled.

Then comes the Bay Path Institute’s annual play.  She writes:

The Annual Play.  I’m in it.

She wrote in the underlines herself.  She’s on cloud nine, doing something she loves.  Cast in two plays at once, though, what will she do?  And this is just a month after being turned down for a part wherein she writes:

Friday, February 19th, 1937

I thought I was a pretty good actress but I’ve found out I’m not.  Zosh and I reported for try outs and Zosh got a part (the aunt) and I got none.  Andy is in it.  He plays the part of Bill the foreman.  Serves me right for thinking I was too good for them.  Now I’m beneath their level.  Makes me see the value of being modest.

From rejection one month to two parts the next?  There’s a lesson in there somewhere.

What to do about being in two plays at once is the dramatic tension for the rest of the month.  Check in tomorrow for more about that.

Remember Frank, Ernie’s brother, dramatic arrival with his grip in one hand and guitar in the other?  The Theatricality of it All  Well, I have bad news for you:

Thursday, March 25th, 1937
Got out at 11:45 and went down to the station to see Ernie and her brother Frank off for home.  Frank had his fare home and then lost it gambling on something at a party and sold his guitar for more.

Well, I guess he’s going back to Grafton after all.  Either that was quite anticlimactic or in the month and a half since his arrival there is a missing story worthy of stage and screen.





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