Sunday Share – The First of 2017

This post left me feeling refreshed and hopeful for the new year.  It is a wonderfully written poem.  Please go check out the blog and happy new year everyone.  This is from the blog Perspectives on Life, the Universe, and Everything.  Please check out the blog!

Golden dusk

another year come to close

last goodbyes, dusk glows,

telling tales, far and wide,

desert mist, deep ocean tides,

creativity rediscovered at mundanity’s cost,

whatever pretence, need to be, was lost,

dark days and bright nights,

orphaned sadness, gloomy delights

a decade will go, when looking behind,

that last dusk, what memories bind,

missing unconditional love, affection now,

and a wish that evening return somehow



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  1. sleepassion says:

    This is a nice poem 🙂

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    1. I thought so too! Please check out the author’s blog.

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