The Woods are Full of Flowers

Wow!  This is late but I’ll have to be forgiven.  I was traveling. 🙂  I’m a little disappointed that I am not sharing something about what has been going on…in Baton Rouge…Dallas… the list unfortunately goes on…and neither am I writing about it.  Maybe this isn’t the place, and maybe it is, maybe all places should be, but my heart is just to full right now o process it all.  Instead I read this post from:

Rabbit Patch Diary

I chose this to be my Sunday Share for two reasons.  #1:  It’s a lovely written distraction full of beauty.  I call it a distraction, but the truth is that nature’s beauty is around us.  It’s here no matter what stupid things we do to each other, and so far, regardless of what we’ve tried to do to it.  Beautiful things around us are as much reality as the ugly.  We all need to cultivate peace, which is what Rabbit Patch has done!

#2:  As I read about the fallen tree and the hurricane which were world shaking in their tiny way, they created a chance for beautiful flowers to grow in the woods.  (There was also a lot of hard work put in!)

Please check out her blog.  The way she writes makes you believe there is, with out a doubt, magic in the world.


The Woods are Full of FlowersJuly 14, 2016 ~ 13692641_291013544579488_3636954721674307433_nThe woods, I call the rabbit patch, are full of flowers now. I have seen them. All sorts of things are blooming . I have long suspected that those woods were enchanted-and as it turns out, I was right. The evidence is scattered along the edge of the young woods, where the yard begins- and all along the path that runs through it. I knew about the irises. When I came here, ten years ago, the woods were spilling into the yard. A big tree had fallen a long time before me and been left, which encouraged an under growth to claim that area. I wanted to see the barns that had been hidden for a long time in those woods. It was a day in May and the irises were blooming. I could see large clumps of them behind the fallen tree. In the fall, I started cleaning up the thorn vines and all else, that I considered out of bounds, but I left the irises as they were. A few years later, A butterfly bush showed up along the edge of the rabbit patch. I have several around the farmhouse. We had a hurricane that year and I figured the wind had planted that seed. It stands at least twelve feet tall now. It is quite fragrant and the butterflies flock there all summer.A year or so ago, I saw the lantana’s bright clusters of yellow, orange and pink blooming just down the way from the butterfly bush. I have lantana planted in the corner of the yard, three acres away from that spot. Maybe, a bird in great haste, had dropped an autumn berry from mine, I thought-right there where the flower is growing-and I was glad for it.There is a large bed of purple loosestrife. It is considered invasive, so most folks won’t have it. It blooms in August with purple spikes, and it is greedy, but I mow the path weekly and mine is behaving nicely. This showed up by the irises a while back.I was mowing the day before yesterday and was admiring the entrance to the path forged long ago. I had never planned on it-but it is charming, I always think. What a shock to see little lavender blossoms all around me and standing several feet tall! While I was away, for a few weeks, The french mulberry had taken over a good portion of the rabbit patch! What a beautiful predicament! In the fall, bright fuschia berries will replace the meek blossoms and as pretty as I find the flowers, I know the berries will have a striking affect. The berries are edible and it made me glad to know the birds and the rabbit patch community will eat well in September when the apples are long gone. The more I looked, the more I saw. The woods were full of flowers and it was lovely. I have toiled in my yard at least a thousand hours since moving here- planting and civilizing the grounds. I have spent a fair amount of grocery money too. I tend the yard year round in some form-and to me it is pretty. It is a wonder to me that the woods are full of flowers. It was not my hand that planted them. I did not bring water to them or pull the weeds beneath them. This garden wasn’t planted by man. The One who planted this garden may have used the wind , careless birds or a kingdom of fairies-by whatever means it came about, the rabbit patch makes July a better time, for the woods are full of flowers . I have seen the way they grow and my heart is grateful- for the way of the wild and the butterflies too.13697049_291010417913134_8896545793798862163_n

Source: The Woods are Full of Flowers


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