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I have decided not to be one of those blogs that asks you to “Buy me a cup of coffee” or purchase things for me off an Amazon wish list.  That decision didn’t take much thought.  I have also decided not to receive payments for reblogs as I have seen in other places.  If I reblog you, with your permission, it is going to be because I want to share your writing and support your blog and I liked what you wrote and/or how you wrote.

Am I going to be one of those bloggers that advertises their book like crazy and asks you to buy it non-stop?  Hell yes.  When I get one finished and published, I will promote the crap out of it.

So how can you support my writing if you wish to do so?  Read my blog.  I have requested to have it monetized through wordpress and I will hear back when they have accepted that.  I will need enough followers and most importantly enough views.  Then the ads will pay me based on views and I feel that it’s fair subjecting you to ads since writers must get paid somehow.  So, if you please, keep checking in.  If there are posts from the past you haven’t read, feel free to pursue them.  Come on, I’m sure there are some you’ve missed.  The story is great from the beginning and only gets better.  😉  I get more views the more posts you view.  Share my blog if you wish and tell your friends and family and dog about my blog.  Like posts only if you like them.  Feel free to comment and question and communicate.

If I publish something consider buying it.

These are the only ways writers should ask for support.  Pay me for the work  I do, the entertainment you get from reading my stories and memoirs.  But only if it entertains you.


I’d also like you to know that I signed up for Writer’s Weekly 24 hour short story contest.  I’ve never done anything like this before.  Wish me luck!


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  1. Tietsu says:

    You have a chosen a treacherous path. I myself am stick stuck in the fanged underbrush looking for my seat at the promised creator’s table. When you find your place near it’s list of the honored, I will help buy your ticket

    Good Luck.

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  2. you have my support- I am going to learn how to share your link too-well I am going to do what i can for you. I am not tech savy-but I will learn. Your story is beautiful and I often save it for my night before bed story-it is hard to wait! Godspeed! and I will buy your book!


  3. says:

    I really enjoy your writing and I will definitely buy a book when you publish! I want to write also and I created my blog with the intent to monetize. I am curious about how you are going to monetize through WordPress.
    I have applied for google AdSense and haven’t been approved and I have signed up for Amazon associates affiliate program. I don’t want to make my blog unpleasant to read, I just figured I can do book reviews and link to the Amazon store for whatever book I’m reviewing. I don’t want to advertise things that are unrelated to my blog. I want to keep doing what I am doing, but I need some extra income. good luck with monetizing! 🙂


  4. I’m a baby blogger and just learning about this Amazon thing. I promise to research you. The world needs all the stories, yours, Babu’s, that guy over there, and I hope mine too.

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    1. Oh hi hello!! Nice to meet you and thank you SO MUCH for the support! Yes! Please keep reading the blog. This is so nice, to be honest, I needed a blog boost. Also, the book, Dissonance is closer to ever to being sent out to publishers so here’s to hoping! I’ll keep you updated. I look forward to boping over and checking out your “Baby Blog!!”

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      1. Hi to you too 🙂 Glad to give a fellow writer a boost! I know the feeling. Loved spending my morning with you and you sweet Babu 🙂

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      2. I am glad to have shared cookies and tea!

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