Throw Back Thursday: Jakey

Since the start, I was looking for one name in all of these pages, and from the start, it would appear from time to time.  Like when the very story Babu would tell me about her first time meeting him appeared, exactly how she told it to me, in the pages of her diary:

Some May Extras

Or when he was just a guy she’d dance a number or two with while pinning over Benny or Johnny or someone else:

October 1935

Or the beginnings of the relationship when she didn’t know what she really thought of him:

July 1938

August 1938

My favorite thing early on was being the only one to know who Babu would end up marrying.  You all didn’t know.  Babu in the 1930s didn’t know.  It was a delicious secret I couldn’t hold on to for very long.


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