Sunday Share: My Own Private Lilliput

I have been following Subatomic Tourism’s blog for quite a while.  I make a little pit stop, enjoy my time, and go about my day with a smile.  It’s a curious little blog.  It’s certainly different and it will be possibly difficult to explain why I like it, but I absolutely love it.  Some of the images that have been posted recently really made my day, reminding me of why I must be ever faithful to checking back in.  I guess I will have to show you what I mean for you to get what I mean.


Odysseus in the age of the greasers.  There is nothing I like more than a twist on a classic.  (I’m such a nerd that I really can’t even handle awesome literary references like this!)

Batman Returns

How’s this for nerdy?  Love it!

Cretaceous Camping

Oh my goodness!

Scouting Ahead

Oh my goodness!

Ant-Man Rides Again

Tee-hee.  The Geek in me is just loving this!

But really.  Go check out the blog.  It is where art meets photography.  It is both and both are really well done.


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  1. That is a pretty neat site. I love tiny stuff and these photos are very clever and funny.

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    1. I agree! I’m pretty obsessed.


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