A Day in the Life, 2018, and a Month in 1940, Part Three

After breakfast, once Babu is safely on the couch, is another span of time where I don’t need to be 100% on watch.  Many aspects of this job are not that hard.  Most days, Babu doesn’t need all that much and sleeps a lot.  I’ve gotten into the habit of cleaning and showering during this time and lately, being back in the writing groove, settling myself at Babu’s kitchen table to transcribe while I wait for “meals on wheels” to be delivered.

February 1940 seemed subtly pivotal.  Things are greatly changing but in the gradual way that love and settling down can have.

Saturday, February 3rd, 1940

I’m glad I didn’t accept Teddy Drewnicki’s invitation to go to Lee’s fraternity’s dinner dance at the Hotel Rimball.  After working all day and the late hour yesterday, I was too tired.  Jakey and I stayed at home.

I feel that there is more reason to be glad about turning down someone not Jakey than just being tired.

But it’s not completely a wrap and I’m not surprised to see the last hold out be Johnny.

Wednesday, February 14th, 1940

Emmy and Betty Griffin and I had supper at Betty’s apartment.  All day it snowed and blowed.  I walked down to Forbes in the storm and met Johnny Lech.  He took me to see “Gone with the Wind.”  It was very bad when we left the show at 12 so he hired a taxi to take me home.  The taxi wouldn’t go down Bonneville Ave so I walked home through knee-deep snow.  However, when I got home I found a box of candy and a valentine card from Johnny.

Now wait a minute here!  Oh, wait, I am interrupted.  Our “meals on wheels lady” comes in.  I snag the meal from her and we have our quick chat.  I’m getting to know her but I have long forgot her name, if I ever knew it.  It’s too late now to ask but she is soon on her way again.  And I am back to this thought:

Hey, I don’t blame Johnny for taking advantage of “Gone with the Wind” and candy on Valentine’s Day but WHERE WAS JAKEY?  That boy should know better by now.   But then again, what was Jonny thinking letting her walk home in the snow alone?

Despite that let down of a Valentine’s Day, I can let you know, we wont be hearing about Johnny again for a long while.  Something here is meant to be and something is not.



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  1. Val says:

    Maybe Johnny didn’t take her home because he wanted his valentine card and candy to be a surprise for her when she got there? (Which means that he did go to her home, but without her… or am I missing something? 🙂 )

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Haha, I think they were sent to her house earlier on in the day, possibly. But that’s too much credit. I still live on the street, in the same house, and it is a HILL I tell you. In the snow. Johnny is just a bum. 🙂

      Liked by 3 people

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