Sunday Share: This is Youth: Nepal, Travels, and A Blog Monetized

This week’s Sunday Share is an exciting one.  I have been following This is Youth for a little while now but I actually stopped and spent some time on the blog recently.  It involves other topics, but mostly it is one of those delish travel blogs.  Oh how I love those.  This one has an interesting story, not just a log of “I went here, I went there, you didn’t, nah nah nah.”  No, this one has a tale, and I’ll let you find it for yourself.  One good place on the voluminous blog to start would be here:

Part One a Hotel Room in Hong Kong

I also found it interesting that this blog is one of those rare birds that gets monetized.  It is my aim to do this through WordAds and I was beginning to think no one out there was getting this done.  Well, I was wrong.  The author talks about it here and I really admire his candor:

About the Ads

So, the fact that this author/blogger can get paid by you simply viewing his site should excite you!  Please check him out.  That is all you have to do to help him, not a single cent out of your pocket.  The more posts you look at, the more views for him.  So go wild!


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    1. Yea! I really liked the blog, too!


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