Day Seven: Children

I’m breaking the rules again and posting a vintage photo.  I mean, look at it, how could I not?

Day Six: A Portrait

I’m sorry!  I broke the rules here but all I could think about were the amazing numbers of portraits in Babu’s collection of photos and one of my favorite ones.  (Technically, I did take a picture of this picture.)  I’ll also include one of my favorite ones I’ve taken of Babu. This really fun photo…

Day Five: Something Mint Green

Her shirt says: Avo-cardio.  And yes, that is a land speeder. A really fun Photo Challenge hosted by Cassia Elizabeth 

Day Two: Writing

It says: 100 years March 11 1918 She must have forgotten how old she was.

Day One: Coffee Shop

I don’t get out often, being a caretaker.  Thankfully, I have created a paradise for myself at home.  (OK, my paradise is a MESS right now, but I’m fine with that.)  This is my coffee shop. A photo challenge by Cassia Elisabeth.  

Photo Challenge

I have taken up a ten day photo challenge starting August 1st hosted by: Cassia Elizabeth Her blog is called a Little Bit of Everything and it is a lovely place.  The picture prompts are intriguing in their one word simplicity and I’m excited to get it going!  I’m going to keep the prompts a…