April A-Z: Contact

It has finally happened and it has warmed my heart.  The world is not so large as I once thought.  I knew eventually someone would contact me through the blog about someone they knew or about a family member they heard about but never got to meet. Out there, even beyond the blogosphere, there is…

April A-Z: The Blow Up, September, 1940

I would bet some of you will be able to relate.  I currently have 19 posts in various forms of no where near publish-ready hanging out at the top of my screen.  What a great mine for posts when looking for gold during the April A-Z Challenge.  This is a post I began a while…

April A-Z: Absence

… This is having no reason to keep 480 packets of Polident. (We were unable to throw it out.) An empty room. (Filling with boxes to be sent.  This one to Tennessee, this one just down the street.) 2:00 comes (routine, routine, routine) and there’s nothing to do. We have started to fill our time…

A-Z Challenge Theme Reveal!

Hello everyone.  I have not been around these parts much lately.  As I have been working on drafts of posts and going back through all stuff Babu and this blog, I have been feeling myself unwind and feel lighter.  I need to get back to writing and here is my push! The April A-Z Challenge. …

Alphabet Haiku Challenge: Hightail

Here is the Alphabet Haiku Challenge for “H” hosted by Dark Side of the Moon.   Handsome hummingbird Hastily hovers – hightails! Hence hurried heartbeat.

Alphabet Haiku Challenge: Green

This is so fun!  Thank you for the challenge, Dark Side of the Moon. Growing garden – Grow! Glean great green.  Grow, garden, grow! Gah!  Gnats!

Alphabet Haiku Challenge: Final

I have not forgotten about the Alphabet Haiku Challenge hosted by Dark Side of the Moon!  Here is my “F:”   Feline fur, feathers flying,…falling…fallen.  Foe foiled -final feat.

Day Seven: Children

I’m breaking the rules again and posting a vintage photo.  I mean, look at it, how could I not?

Day Six: A Portrait

I’m sorry!  I broke the rules here but all I could think about were the amazing numbers of portraits in Babu’s collection of photos and one of my favorite ones.  (Technically, I did take a picture of this picture.)  I’ll also include one of my favorite ones I’ve taken of Babu. This really fun photo…