Ugly Wrapping

I ugly wrapped this year.  On purpose.  My grandmother would be mortified.  But I did it for Babu, who would be pleased, I think, and also maybe a bit mortified.  Here is the result:

gifts 3.jpeg

Yes, I wrapped Christmas presents in Birthday, Anniversary, any other holiday paper.  I was delighted to wrap a present for my 14 year old nephew in “to the bride” paper.  Some of the paper was so old it was almost disintegrating as I wrapped.  But here is the important part.  As you know if you know this family at all, everything is saved, reused, nothing is wasted.  While cleaning out this house I found old, mostly used, wrapping paper in a cabinet.  Some of it is retro and really quite cool.  So, I decided to use it this year to make Babu happy that I didn’t just throw it away and also, as a way to keep her close.  My family was very kind and accepting of this rather odd gesture.


Sorry not sorry I ugly wrapped this year.


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  1. susurrus says:

    This was a lovely idea.

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  2. I’t kind of funny…I didn’t find it ugly at all. Happy Holidays!

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    1. Haha, thank you! One of my family mmbers did think I got presents confused and brought the wrong ones because a bunch of them said “happy birthday.” Oh, well. Still sorry not sorry.


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