Sunday Share: Not Your Typical Daisy

This Sunday I’m sharing something a little darker.  I ran across a blog by a writer doing amazing and amazingly creative things.  She is CL Muller at Daydreaming With Ink and Paper and she writes Fantasy, Dystopia, and Science Fiction.  A little known fact about me is how much I love all of these genres yet I haven’t read any fantasy lately.  I am definitely eager to after reading this kick ass poem:

Winters Sky

Daisy chains stitched into her hair

rigidly pinned into a crown

each bud an honourable kill

a new chain for another battle won

no gaps, no losses

as erect as a tree

but as strong as stone

broader than any giant known

armour heavier than marble

plainer than winters sky

she swings her sword high

faster than a shooting star

and jabs it through your plates

puncturing your flesh

exploding like wildfire

decorating the ground red

birds and roses coat her helmet

tricking dying eyes to believe

they’re already in heaven

until she flicks the visor down

forcing birds to flee

petals falling from beaks

leaving weeds behind

revealing eyes as burnt as coals

you’ll screech for Lucifer’s help

Powerful and jam packed with imagery, am I right?  You should check out the blog for more.  It is wonderful.


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  1. CLMuller says:

    Thank you so, so much for sharing my poem and for the kind words about it. 😊

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  2. Whoa! Lots of imagery for sure!

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  3. Hi, just wanted to check in because I had not seen a post from you this past week. Hoping everything is OK and you are just really busy with the new school year beginning.

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