November, 1937

Guess what?!?!  Babu’s parents find out that the rent in their new place will be raised and they move, again.  Why is that so exciting?  Because they move in here.  So I know that this move is the last move her parents will make in their very long lives.  It’s not the last move Babu will make, but she will eventually come home to roost right here.  I have never felt the ties to a place stretch back so far, not even to my own childhood home.

Guess what else?!?!?

I don’t think we will be hearing about Benny any more after this:

Had a letter from Benny and now I know there can never be anything between us.

Why is that a good thing?  Because there is a new boy in town.  Can you guess?  If you read Thursday’s post you may have been able to guess.  Johnny Lech is his name.  He has been around, in the background, for quite some time.  He’s been in the same circle, we could say.  But now he is front and center.

Johnny “hung his hardware” on me.  Meaning I’m wearing his pin.  Doesn’t mean a thing though.

Of course, she’s fighting off the impulse to get romantic, but we can see what she is refusing to.

Do you remember Norma?  Babu went to BPI with her when she had a fireworks accident and lost her eye.  Read about it and Babu’s feelings towards the whole mess here:

In Honor of Norma Harry

This month she writes:

Some of our seniors still at BPI met us at noon today and we all ate lunch together.  Norma was one of them.  Her eye does not look good but her spirit and nerve make up for a lot.

I believe Babu feels so impressed with Norma because Babu knows her own insecurity and truly respects this girl for her bravery with more reason than her to be insecure.

Thanksgiving happens with no turkey at her home.  She doesn’t seem too upset by it.  What else can you do when Thanksgiving nearly coincides with your last day in your old home?  I’m sure they had no other choice.  Some other things may have happened on Thanksgiving, however, but that’s a post for another day!



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