Septemeber, 1937

And just like that it’s autumn again.  Babu writes:

The leaves are just beginning  to turn and the world is so alive and radiant.

This is the swan song of fall.

The month begins with her wish to be back at school.  She goes to visit BPI and misses what must seem to her like a more vibrant time.  She has trouble finding people to eat lunch with when she used to have constant friends around her.  She goes to Mountain Park, an amusement park, but has no fun, especially since her date is not Benny.

Fran came earlier and we went for Ann.  Saw “Souls at Sea” at the Paramount.  Then to Dutchland for ice cream and onto Mountain Park.  The orchestra was good.  I hope Fran enjoyed himself.  I tried to but I never do now a days.

She decides to “take up riding” with Ernie, (horses) and has to talk her mother into letting  her buy a pair of Jodhpurs.  (Did I have to look those up?  Yes I did.  They are those horse riding pants.)

babu and ernie
I found a picture of her and Ernie in those pants!

A girl names Anna said that she “Wasn’t going to wait for Frank anymore” and decides to ask another boy out.  Apparently, she wanted to send a message through Babu and Babu refused to get involved.  Good for her!

And how is work going?  She seems to be unhappy that sometimes it slow but at other times:

Mr. Hitchcock makes it a habit to give me dictation either just before lunch or before closing or both.

I can imagine her getting exasperated.  She likes things done just so.  But there are challenges to her job.  There are nights the bosses need them to stay late in a rush to get files ready for a trip to NY and chances for growth like this one:

I had a chance to take dictation while a meeting was going on but I hesitated, and so was lost.  Mim went in instead.

Bummer!  I wish she could have gotten that chance.  I was always that person the secretly wanted to want to take the risk.  If you know what I mean.

So, basically, nothing much happens to her anymore.  It’s true.  I have a feeling that wont last for long at all.  I’m sad to read about her in this slump, but I have to say, as uneventful as her life is at this point, reading these pages is still so very exciting to me.  I love to hear about her whole life, not only her fun times and I love to see the way she writes.  I love her dramatic ho hums as much as her excited exclamation points.  I love to see her as she transitions from one phase of her life to another.  So far I have seen her move from high school onto college and now I’m seeing her move on from school and into the real world and the world of work.  There are so many shifts and adaptations yet to come, and I love that I will get to read all of them.


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  1. Those journals are priceless treasures. Like Alice going through the looking glass, you are transported into another life and another time!

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