What I’ve learned so far…

I’ve learned…

…that this is important.  And it’s important to do now.  The blog keeps me accountable but really it’s about the time spent with her sharing the memories and people and retelling her story, the one she wrote, back to her.

….that even though that sounds like I’m doing her a favor, she has so many more stories to tell me in return.  I’m deeply reaping the benefits.

…that transcribing takes longer than I thought it would.  I can’t believe I’m still on the first year!

…that I don’t think I could EVER do this with my own journals!

…that no matter how hard a person might try to simply keep a straight record of what happened that day, there is no way to hide what is between the lines.  It is revealing no matter what.

…that even blond haired, blue eyed, gorgeous, and always so put together girls can feel unpopular and insecure.  I’m truly starting to believe that all teens feel that way.

…that even though I may know how the story goes – I can still be on the edge of my seat, wanting to flip pages faster.  I want to get to those good parts!

…that I have no idea how to handle what I know is coming.  Will I show her those pages?  How could I???

I have a ton of excuses for why there has been posting silence, blogging white noise.  Whatever they are, it was good to give this a rest for a while.  Her children have been here to visit and it was good to give them their time with her.  The dust will settle soon and the two of us will pick up where we left off.


Happy 98th birthday, Babu!



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  1. lifelessons says:

    Anxious to hear the results. You’ve done a good job of building suspense!!


    1. Muahaha. On purpose.

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    2. I also promise, after such a cruel response, to get back at this in a big way! 🙂


  2. barbwit says:

    So glad to see you again. I missed you and thought I had lost you. Happy Birthday Babu. Until next time.


    1. Thank you. I certain AM back. 🙂

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